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A small and low-powered GAMO airgun with a special butt design with pistol for the youngest members of the household to discover the world of airguns. An accurate rifle, very light and easy to load, which includes the innovative Whisper sound-moderation technology, which we will be able to enjoy in a more discreet manner, because this sound moderator compresses noise and prevents sound expansion by up to 52% when compared to an ordinary muzzle report. Also incorporates the revolutionary fibre optic gun sights TRUGLO(TM). Its produces the brightest fibre optics providing a bright and dependable sight picture in any light.


    Power 7,5 J
    Length 103 cm (40,55 in)
    Weight 2,0 kg (4,4 lb)
    Velocity cal. 4,5 mm 190 m/s (623 fps)

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