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The Shadow IGT from GAMO is a lightweight, powerful compressed-air airgun for adults with 24 Joules of power, in which we can highlight its modern, synthetic and black-coloured ambidextrous butt that improves the grip thanks to its rubber inserts.

This model incorporates some of the latest GAMO technologies such as the IGT (INERT GAS TECHNOLOGY) system which replaces the classical spring and offers many advantages, the precise SAT (SMOOTH ACTION TRIGGER) trigger and the SWA (SHOCK WAVE ABSORBER) nock.

Triple R (Recoil Reducing Rail.) Developed to subdue the taxing stresses placed on your scope from the intense recoil of air guns and high-powered rifles. The RRR uses two-piece aluminum construction separated by dual polymer struts to absorb shockwaves. Once mounted to the Recoil Reducing Rail, the recoil stresses to internal components of the scope are reduced by almost 100%.


    Power 24 J
    Length 110 cm (43,31 in)
    Weight cal. 4,5 / 5,5 mm 3,0 kg (6,6 lb)
    Weight cal. 6,35 mm 3,1 kg (6,82 lb)
    Velocity cal. 4,5 mm (.177) 386 m/s (1.266 fps)
    Velocity cal. 5,5 mm (.22) 286 m/s (938 fps)
    Velocity cal. 6,35 mm (.25) 240 m/s (787 fps)

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