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RS12 It is suitable for many pistol and smaller revolver calibres
RS20 The all-purpose powder for all types of pistol cartridges, including the IPSC segment
RS24 The high-performance powder for all pistol cartridges, including the IPSC segment
RS30 Ideal for large-calibre revolver ammunition and smaller rifle cartridges

RS40 For small-calibre long gun ammunition such as .223 Remington
RS50 For long gun ammunition

RS52 The high-performance powder for medium-range long gun ammunition
RS60 High-performance powder for magnum handloads with light and medium-weight bullets
RS62 The all-purpose powder for short magnum cartridges
RS70 The all-purpose powder for magnum ammunition such as .300 Win Mag
RS80 For heavy magnum cartridges such as .338 Lapua Magnum


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RS_Reload Data 2015

RS12                              500gram            € 58,50
RS20                              500gram           € 58,50
RS24                              500gram           € 58,50
RS30                              500gram           € 58,50

RS40                               1000gram           € 98,50
RS50                               1000gram           € 98,50
RS52                               1000gram           € 98,50
RS60                               1000gram           € 98,50
RS62                               1000gram           € 98,50
RS70                               1000gram           € 98,50
RS80                               1000gram           € 98,50


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